Logistics rents a wide range of elegant centerpieces, luxury linens and amazing themed décor for any occasion including:

  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Charity Events
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Wedding Showers
  • Birthday Parties

Our team would love the opportunity to work with you and transform your vision into reality.


Please click a theme name below to narrow down the photo choices:

Asian Inspiration Theme with Metal Trees

Red and White Holiday Round Vase with Votives

Pink and Black Mardi Gras

Asian Fusion

Red and Black Hurricane Votives with Feathers

Fiber Optic with Glass Beads Centerpiece

Hawaiian Luau

Alaskan Tree with Mixed Floral and Lantern

Blue Country Western with Horse Shoes

Asian Fusion with Metal Trees

Vegas Themed Trumpet Lamp

Groovy Centerpieces

Spirit Dolls with Birch Bark Vase

Native Spirit

Carved Wooden Bear Centerpiece

Mardi Gras

Red and Black Feather Extravaganza

Red Holiday Round Vase with Votives

Holiday Dazzle

Hollywood Silhouettes

Holiday Round Vase

Large Holiday Decor

Snow Globe

Holiday Picture Frame

Wood Centerpiece with Stuffed Bear

Orange and Teal Centerpiece

Blue Holiday Metal Tree

Country Western

Cowboy Boot with Blue Accents

Red and Black Vegas with Tall Dice Trumpet

Elegant Red and Black with Metal Floral Stand


this is an excerpt

Hollywood Film Décor

Reindeer Costume

Night in Vegas/Roaring 20’s

Whale Ceramic Lantern and Spirit Doll

Speckled Plates with Mixed Floral Centerpiece

Blue and White Holiday Stacked Round Vase with Studio Glass

Cowboy Boot Mixed Floral with Horseshoes

Hawaiian Short Decor Bubble Vase with Shells

Lit Under a Lampshade

Black and White Feather Extravaganza

Vegas Theme with Crystals and Square Vase


Mardis Gras Feather Extravaganza with Masks

Green and Gold Holiday Tall Trumpet Lamp

Vellum Artwork Cylinder Vase

Floral Trumpet with Spirit Dolls

Mixed Floral in Mason Jars with Lantern Centerpiece

Carved Wooden Eagle Centerpiece

Speckled Place Setting with Gold Pan

Country Western

Mexican Fiesta

Red Feather Roaring 20’s

Olaf Costume

Holiday Dazzle

Spirit Doll with Ceramic Lantern

Disco Ball and Tie-dye Fiber Optic Centerpiece

Orange and Teal Spandex

Mixed Floral in Mason Jar with Ceramic Lantern

Simple Mexican Tall Trumpet Lamps

Green and Gold Holiday Round Vase

Wood Centerpiece with Lantern and Fish

Mexican Tall Trumpet Lamp

Hawaiian Round Vase

Mexican Fiesta

Vegas Themed 8′ Feather Tower and Hurricane Votives

Alaska Golden Nugget

54″ Purple Feather Extravaganza

Holiday Short Vase with Bubbles (Red)

Holiday Floral Trumpet