Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

All the reports came back that it was beautifully decorated. It was one of the best they had… Overall, it was a fantastic event and you did an excellent job.

-J. Allen

Staff at Logistics made our planning for the 8th World Wilderness Congress both pleasant and efficient. I valued the two years we worked together as it lead to a significant international conservation gathering, culminating a 2-year process of planning and resulting in many practical accomplishments for wilderness, wildlife and native peoples around the world. Logistics is now a much appreciated and important part of that conservation history. Thank you!

~V. Martin

Toni and Logistics staff. You guys are the greatest! Thanks very much for all your help on the AFS meeting. Success was not possible without your help!

~ D. Trudgen

Numerica Credit Union

Everything was amazing!!! Joan & Janice were outstanding!! Seriously! One of our board members said, Janice was more knowledgeable about Seattle than the tour guide at the underground tour (they really enjoyed that too but thought she was really good). Then I could tell the other members loved Joan as several of them hugged her when they we’re saying good-bye and thanked her for making it so special. Both of them are an absolute pleasure and we would love working with them. We are interested in working with you again.

-J. Landry

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Our experience working with Logistics, LLC, was great. I truly enjoyed working with Christy and Jordan. Christy was responsive to our needs prior to and during our event, she did a fantastic job thinking of all the small details I never would have considered, and she put up with all kinds of moving targets! Jordan was very helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Without them, I’m sure our meeting wouldn’t have gone off nearly as successfully. Go Team Logistics!

– U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Marine Mammals Management