I did not give you much notice (or much of a budget for that matter!) and yet you delivered decorations that wowed my doctors & staff! ‘Thank you!’ They were VERY complimentary about the decorations & I found myself saying again and again ‘Logistics. Logistics. Well done!

~ J. Howard

Viktor and West Bend Mutual Insurance

Thank you for being such a great company to work with. We truly appreciated the partnership in putting on a successful, memorable and fun program for West Bend and hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. I’m not sure I’ve ever come off a program feeling less stressed. It was amazing.

-L. Blair

EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!!! We are so happy to have had the chance to celebrate in such a beautiful environment, and look forward to many more endeavors with Logistics LLC!!!! Awesome work everyone!!!
~ K. Garcia

As one of their vendors, we have noticed several things that make Logistics exceptional in the industry. First, the top notch service they offer their clients and their attention to detail. They have accommodated large groups through the state with ease and have attracted significant blocks of business which means growth for us and other vendors. Additionally , they clearly communicated to vendors their expectations. I highly recommend a relationship with Logistics.

~T. Rust